Life Cycle















Salim is Muslim and Jessica is Jewish. The couple, having made the decision to raise their future children Jewish married under a chuppah with a Jewish ceremony. The rehearsal dinner honored Salim's traditions.














Alex and Meaghan are an interfaith couple married in her Catholic Church. Rabbi Sharon co-officiated the ceremony with the Church's priest.


















For their Jewish wedding, Nicole did conversion studies with Rabbi Sharon, formally joining the Jewish people one week before her wedding to Jake.














Vincent and June met on-line and fell in love from afar before even meeting. Their relationship, in their words, is "besheirt."














For Debbie and Greg's wedding, Deb's father was in the hospital - so her father "walked her down the aisle" virtually via SKYPE. Debbie and Greg had co-officiants - Rabbi Sharon and Greg's Minister.














Sujin is Hindu and Steffie is Jewish - the couple had a traditional Hindu wedding, cocktail hour - then a traditional Jewish ceremony.











Alonzo and Jenny honor all religions and traditions. In both families, there are Jews, Muslims and Christians. They chose a modified Jewish wedding service.









Adam and Sarah's wedding was a Jewish Jewish wedding on the beach.














Rudy and Peter celebrated marriage after almost 20 years of committed love. It was a "machaya!"














1000 origami cranes brought luck to Jeff and Myoung whose Jewish wedding incorporated Japanese traditions.














Geoffrey and Dianne chose both a Unitarian Minister and Rabbi Sharon to officiate their ceremony.














Justin and Fernanda celebrated their wedding with Jewish traditions.














Ben and Ilona rented a villa in Nice, France for their small and intimate wedding. Rabbi Sharon flew to France to officiate - to avoid international complications, the couple legally married in the U.S. a few days before the trip.


Rabbi Sharon spends many hours with each couple - getting to know them, doing pre-marital counseling and crafting a personalized service. 

In addition to weddings between two Jewish people, Rabbi Sharon is welcoming of interfaith and non-religious couples as well as same-sex couples. 

Couples may have as little or as much input into the ceremony planning as desired. Rabbi Sharon has many resources for creating unique services and she works closely with each couple to ensure that every word and every ritual will be meaningful.

For couples not using a wedding coordinator, Rabbi Sharon offers resources for the wedding program, the rehearsal and all the plans necessary for the service to run smoothly.

Seth's Bar Mitzvah

Evan's Bar Mitzvah

Delaney's Bat Mitzvah

Jack's Bar Mitzvah

Zane's Bar Mitzvah

Rabbi Sharon was fabulous to work with. She taught our son Zane for about 8 months, first teaching him to read Hebrew and then preparing him to lead a full service and chant from the Torah. And all of this was done on SKYPE (we live in Denver). His Bar Mitzvah was held in Jerusalem and she travelled there for us. She also created a camera ready personalized siddur which has become a keepsake for us. The service could not have been more meaningful.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah

From Aleph-Bet to Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Rabbi Sharon is there for your simcha. In addition to training the Bar or Bat Mitzvah student to read Hebrew, chant Torah (and Haftarah), lead the prayers of the service and teach the congregation through a D'var Torah, a speech bringing contemporary relevance to the lessons of the Torah, Rabbi Sharon puts together personalized siddurim or power points to be used during the service. For differently-abled students and humanist or atheist families, Rabbi Sharon offers no-Hebrew options.